Hollywood Casino Sued in Illinois Over Facial Recognition Tech

Patch.com notes that two almost identical lawsuits accuse Kaiser of Harra’s Casino and the Hollywood Casino of Penn National of exploring facial geometry to create and collect customer information without informing the public through a written policy. Violates the state’s Biometric Information Privacy Act.

“As a result, plaintiffs and others similarly lose their biometric identifiers and the right to control information,” the lawsuits state.

Industry’s Hot New Trend

Facial recognition technology is an important trend in the casino industry. Last week, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that exhibitors at the G2E Gaming conference in Las Vegas were demonstrating innovative technology installed on slot machines to scan a player’s face and create an anonymous identification for that person. He is able to

This allows you to keep track of how often a player visits a casino, their favorite sports and spending habits, and even which property restaurants they prefer.
In the case of Joliet casinos, facial recognition is largely used to identify known theaters. This technique is used within Casino security cameras, which identify players by scanning their facial features and comparing them with a database of stored face geometry templates.

Reckless or Negligent

“Unlike other companies in Illinois, the defendants did not realize and did not meet the requirements of the Biometric Information Privacy Act, even though the law was enacted in 2008 and required the law to be submitted before the defendants allegedly committed violence. ” Several lawsuits and articles were published in the lawsuit, “the lawsuits argue.

“As a result, the defendants’ violations of the Biometric Information Privacy Law were negligent, or alternatively, negligent,” he says.

The case has been raised by several litigants who regularly played in casinos and were members of their respective prizes. They point out that, in the case of thousands of people, a class action is the only suitable option.

They request liquid or real monetary damages, whichever is greater, “for each violation of the Biometric Information Privacy Law”.

Last year, Harra’s Casino recruited 1.29 million customers, with an average daily penetration of 3,536.

Casinos must still record the responses to the demands.

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